Smell of Change…


New Year 2014 Wallpaper

As the year 2013 bows out, we’re set to welcome a new dawn – the dawn of 2014. Each outgoing year passes out and yields to a New Year, which is welcomed with customary hope, fervor and panache. People long and pray that the New Year may bring them happiness, peace, prosperity and all round wellness. But, soon the excitement over its newness wears out and people find themselves stuck up in the middle of the same status-quoistic circumstances.

To the majority of us, nothing changes with New Year; a New Year hardly means anything more than changing the calendars and shuffling dates in them. We turn a little older or come up with a little more greying or thinning of hairs, but our material conditions and circumstances determining them remain the same. This, over the years, goes to bring up cynical streaks in our worldview; we grow up into becoming crabby, nagging, and contemptuous humans where cynicism defines the core of our existence and pessimism clours our subtle consciousness.

But, this time around, the New Year has been a different ball game. The dawn of 2014 has been a momentous event in the history of Indian politics and democracy that carries the potential to revolutionize our collective existence in the society. In this dawn, a man has risen from the ashes of 2013 to demolish some of those stereotypes of our socio-political order that make us cynical, pessimistic and hardbitten about our circumstances. Yes, we’re talking about Arvind Kejriwal, the hero of a new-age Indian polity who shows incredible promises to cleanse the cesspool of Indian politics. He has comes up as the harbinger of wonderful changes in politics and society. He’s been the greatest discovery of 2013 and the most coveted gift to the masses of Delhi from the outgoing year. Though he’s won just an assembly election in a tiny state like Delhi – which, crudely speaking, is nothing more than a demi-state fighting for its long battle of full statehood – the tremor of the event is being felt all across the length and breadth of the nation. Afterall, never in the history of Indian democracy a political party has come to power without taking refuge to the parochial slogans of caste, community, regions or dynasty. He’s broken new grounds in Indian politics.

The psychological impact of the victory of the Kejriwal-led AAP is unfathomable throughout the nation. People have suddenly discovered faith in politics and have found meaning in democracy. They feel that governance can be improved, system can be changed and politics can be refined. People have discovered their unfeigned power under democracy and have found their true worth in the system. Now, a good number of people find politics truely engaging. They feel that politics and democracy can be a puissant weapon to take on the numerous malaises afflicting the nation in form of poverty, illiteracy, casteism, communalism, corruption and various forms of extremism. People are excited over the development and feel that soon the dream merchants of Delhi would get their teeth into governance and would never lie down on their job.

There is a sudden burst of hope, zeal and gusto around politicians; there is a growing conviction that democracy can be calibrated to create the structure of a system that can become the proverbial government of the people, for the people and by the people. In the nutshell there is a feeling of renewed hope, expectations and optimism that marks the beginning of 2014. People are in the grip of an exalted feeling of happiness, cheer and bliss. There is an air of feel good and a collective sense of euphoria over the prospects of seeing changes in our collective situations and circumstances around us.

The New Year comes with new hopes, new opportunities and new possibilities.

Happy New Year!

Krishna Kumar @ Thought Pourri 2014


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