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India Stands still as the legend bows out

Finally, the time arrived when the living legend of Indian cricket was destined to walk away from the cricketing field into the history leaving a billion plus people emotionally orphaned. Now, the master would become a part of the legendry folklore that would reign in the consciousness of a billion plus people in India and all over the world.

Sachin Tendulkar has been special. What makes him special – whether it is the 200 test and the 463 international matches he stood in or the 100 centuries that he scored in them or the 34000 plus runs that he plundered altogether or the Wisden cricket award that ranked him 2nd all time greatest batsman after Bradman or his inclusion in the Wisden all-time test cricket eleven as the only Indian? Well, definitely all of them but of course there is much more that goes to make Sachin a living legend; on top of everything it is the ability of the man to remain grounded despite all of these and to carry his greatness with astonishing poise. He’s been a priceless gift by the divinity to the billion plus Indians to infuse a daily dose of happiness and bliss into their insipid lives. The masses have been availing of this gift since a quarter century years and now the providence has contrived to take this gift back.

The man who dominated the Indian cricket for nearly two and a half decades, is not only a cricketing hero but is a sorcerer who has taught a generation of Indians to stand erect on their spine, to stare into the eyes of mighty opponents and to hold their heads high with masculine pride; he’s leader who humbled the arrogance of dominating power and inspired the billion-plus nation to be aggressive and confident by shedding their inferiority before the global powers; he showed the nation how to be assertive leaving aside the humbleness of the Nehruvian era.

He’s among the few Individuals of the modern India who could be counted to have cast such a magical spell on the lives of the people that changed them forever. During many of the moments of despondency in the nation, he’s been the reason to cheer up; he’s gladdened the hearts of millions and brought smiles on their faces. Many will say it’s a chance but the resurgence of India since the 1990’s coincided with the arrival and rise of this diminutive man from Mumbai. He’s helped the new India acquire confidence and self-believe which gets reflected into the character of the young generation. His legacy is amply visible in the present generation of the cricketers who reflect the confidence of the world champions. Many of these rookies have grown up watching him play and hold him to be their idol.

In the arena of the sports, he was nothing less than a prophet who proselytized millions into the sect of cricket converting the game into a religion. Gradually, he became the latest addition in the pantheon of divinity as his fanatic fans proclaimed him god. Success defies the law of gravity as it goes straight into the head. Yet, the anointment of god never got into his head and the man remained as humble and grounded as possibly the god could be. He’s of course the chosen son of god.

His accomplishment on the field has been an epical saga of valour and masculinity. He enjoyed playing his game and dominated the best of bowling attacks. The winner shows his character in adversity. He showed his true prowess against the most fearsome opponents. He went on playing the game and records kept tumbling one after another. By plundering his booty on the field, he re-constructed the record books and added voluminous pages into them. Statistics always stood in his way by bowing its head in subservience. He has been the lord of cricketing records and statistics.

That’s why the day he chose to depart from the cricketing arena a thousand pairs of hands in the stadium and billion pairs all over the world went in air crying “Sachin…Sachin”. The grateful nation stood up to salute its hero who had for decades been the sole redeemer of the country’s pride. Eyes were moistened, throats were choked and emotions were gushing when the master made his parting speech. A billion plus hearts stopped beating, a billion faces went somber and a billion voices went calm. The whole nation got frozen in silence and listened to the words hanging on his lips. The god was addressing his disciples; the gospel had to be taken to the hearts. Time seemed to have stopped to catch its breath and to grasp the magnitude of the occurrence.

It has been a nostalgic moment; it’s difficult to imagine Indian cricket without him. He’s carried the faith of millions on his shoulder for all these years and fulfilled their aspirations. Who will the nation look up to with the same faith in the moments of despondency?

Thank You Sachin for giving us happiness, pride, contentment and fulfillment all these years. We’ll carry your legend to our posterity through those godly folklores.


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One thought on “India Stands still as the legend bows out

  1. Good post !!! Pls do read my post on Sachin – “The Little Master’s Long and Towering Inning !!!
    Feedback welcome

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