Smell of Change…

1st prize in photography: WHAT YOU HAVE…WHAT YOU CAN HAVE

This photograph takeen by Ananyaa has won her first prize in the inter-CMS school photography competition on 31st October, 2013

This photograph taken by Ananyaa (My daughter, 10 Yrs) sometimes around August, 2012 has won her first prize in photography competition in the 10th International Youth Fest held at CMS school, Lucknow in November, 2013

The Philosophy behind the picture:

Like the butterfly in the picture here, there are many people in the world who are underachievers; they haven’t got what they deserved.

Most of us remain contended with what we have. Many of us fail to identify the opportunities lying before us. At times, we simply don’t care for the opportunities lying in front of us; maybe, we’re too afraid to take the plunge or maybe we get bogged down by our innumerable analysis, a great many of which happen to be unnecessary.

Like the butterfly, endowed with the strength to spread its wing and to hop to the beautiful twig lying ahead, we must identify our real strength and build upon it to achieve the best of the world we deserve.

Remember, the world doesn’t care for underachievers, nor is it kind to them.


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