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#Escapevelocity: Rahul Gandhi Shoots from the Hip, again

Rahul Gandhi is a master of paradoxes; while people use metaphors to Make complex enumerations easy, he uses them to make easy discourses turn complex. That’s why each time he gives his maxims, his words find an instant flavour on the social media.

Yesterday at a special function in New Delhi, he opined that in order to progress, dalits in India need the escape velocity of the jupiter. Elaborating upon his point he said:

“Aeronautics mein ek escape velocity ka concept hota hai. Escape velocity matlab agar aap ne dharti se space mein jana hai… agar aap hamari dharti pe hai to 11.2 km per second aap ki velocity honi padegi. (There is a concept of escape velocity if you want to go into space from Earth… your velocity has to be 11.2 km/sec)… Agar use kam hogi to aap kitna bhi karenge aap space mein nahin ja sakte aur agar jyada ho gayi to aap nikal jayenge. (If it is less then you can’t go into space, if it is more then you will get away)…To Jupiter ki escape velocity kya hoti hai? Agar koi Jupiter pe khada hai aur Jupiter ki kheech se nikalna ho to use 60 km/sec ki acceleration chahiye. (If you are standing on Jupiter you need to go at 60 km/sec).””

He took the concept to the Dalit social mobility in the country and said, “Yahan Hindustan mein hamara jaat ka concept hai. Is mein bhi escape velocity hoti hai. Dalit community ko is dharti pe Jupiter ki escape velocity chahiye. (In India we have caste. Dalits need Jupiter’s escape velocity on Earth)… Yahan aap ko bahut jyada tez dhakka marna padta hai. (You have to push very hard),”
Within minutes of his remark, the twitterati logged on to their tabs and ipads to take a jibe at it. Soon #escapevelocity was trending high on the twitter.

Following are some of the pick-ups from twitter:

@RagxsBalunda: Dear #RahulGandhi , sorry bt improving the condition of Dalits is no rocket science #EscapeVelocity

@mysticliving: Ideally Rahul G should have been given Nobel Prize for Physics for applying #Escapevelocity for social upliftment
@krish0201: Wonder if all the dalits escaped into the space who would vote for the congress and its yuvraj in 2014?

@kalpsgr: Rahul Gandhi just missed Nobel Prize, if the #EscapeVelocity speech made earlier, sure shot nobel was his.

@bwoyblunder: About time Deepak Chopra admits that he writes Rahul Gandhi’s speeches #EscapeVelocity

@vbsingh60: Johny Lever, Raju Shrivastav n Kapil shud tighten belts. All hv tough competition from Rahul. #escapevelocity

@ishagupta29: Every time Rahul Gandhi speaks, the level of competition for who is the best comedian increases by 100 times. #escapevelocity

@Samurai911: Now waiting for BJPs vision of space program to be unveiled… After the #escapevelocity comment by Rahul Gandhi

@—kkr—: Space will be a better place thn Congress rule. RG is right this time. #escapeVelocity #Jupiter

Well, people tore into his remark as many thought that it, as usual, happened to be short on intelligence. That’s what the perception goes which is very aptly described in an article on the ‘Faking News’: “Rahul Gandhi repeats a quote by Einstein and everyone laughs…It no longer matters whether he says something while sporting a serious beard or after getting a youthful shave, people are now programmed to laugh at him.”

However, he was making a very valid point as he wished to highlight how difficult it is for the dalits to make social mobility. In fact the reality is that all the socially underprivileged groups have to toil hard in order to make a mark in life and rise high in social hierarchy. The path of upward mobility for them, indeed, happens to be full of challenging roadblocks. But, then he needs to answer who is responsible for this state of affairs. It is his party that has remained in power for most of the last 65 years; then why the congress couldn’t provide the required escape velocity to the dalits in India?

But, this is not the first time. Rahul Gandhi is very fond of shooting from the hips. It will be interesting to recall some of his past maxims – the not so palatable ‘Rahulism’:

“It is very difficult to stop every single terror attack. We will stop 99% terror attacks but 1 % of attacks might get through.”

“People call us an elephant.. We are not an elephant.. we are a beehive.. it’s funny but think about it. Which is more powerful? an elephant or a beehive?”

“Poverty is just a state of mind. It does not mean scarcity of food, money or material things. If one possesses self-confidence then we can overcome poverty.”

“If India is a computer, Congress is its default programme.”

“Politics is everywhere.. it is in your shirt.. in your pants.. everywhere.”

“Seven out of 10 youths in Punjab have a drug problem.”

“All the public systems – administration, justice, education and political are designed to keep people with knowledge out. Such a systeme promotes mediocrity.”

“My opinion of the ordinance is that it’s complete nonsense and that it should be torn up and may be the words I used were strong but the sentiment was not wrong. I am young….”

The yuvraj of the congress party, who is on a long drawn-out probation, is still wanting in the art of politics. While he is learning the nuances of the game, he kicks many occasional goofs ups that throws poor light on him especially when he is seen pitted against one of the best orators of the contemporary India, Narendra Modi; contrasting him, the latter is richly endowed with the gift of the gab.

At present, the showdown seems to be poised between the ‘Lord of the Gabs’ Vs ‘Lords of the Goof-ups’


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