Smell of Change…

The Swan Song of Monsoon


The monsoon is ebbing out.

Since last few days, however, it has been drizzling every now and then. It looks as if the monsoon is running out its last few drops soaked in the clouds. I saw the rain falling down in very fine, delicate drops on the flower petals and grasses and perching hesitantly on their edges in shiny, pearl-shaped droplets. I looked at the grass bearing the water droplets; it felt as if the grass were in tears at having to bid final adieu to the once resplendent monsoon rains.

Just days back, the monsoon was at its prime, pouring down on the earth with its frightening might. The ponds and canals swelled, the rivers overflowed and the rampaging floods headed to the village, towns and cities threatening their existence. Then the monsoon was in its youth. It was the brute power of monsoon’s youth in Uttarakhand that broke mountains, swept villages, changed demographics and literally, humbled the pride of the human civilization. It was the monsoon’s youth that had brought about the real fury of nature and advised humans not to fiddle with the nature’s rules.

So, what does the youth mean? Does the youth stand for devastation, defeat and destruction alone? The youth symbolizes energy, vitality, dynamism and strength, which is essential pre-requisite for action; hence the youth is the actor behind all that happens. However, the youth also symbolizes life, vigor, endurance and responsibility; the raw power of youth is equally required to create, protect and nourish without which no civilization can exist. Hence, the youth needs to be marshaled and its energy be channelized so that the same could be utilized to create wonders for the civilization.

All good things must come to an end. The glory and resplendence of the rains must also beat a gracious retreat. Youth, vigor and vitality must give way to debility, decay and emasculation. However, the same happens for the better because out of this decay the new recreates itself.

Hence, the monsoon will recreate itself next year again to come down to the earth to gladden the heart of humanity with its majestic resplendence.


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