Smell of Change…

Who was Vikram Thapar?

Exerpts of a conversation between Devanjali and Vikram Thapar

“Well, Ms Devanjali what do you think of me?” Vikram Thapar was abrupt and pointed in his question.

Devanjali looked at him trying to understand the orientation of his question. She said – “Well, people think of you as a successful media magnet who…”

“What do you think of me?” He interrupted her half-way, “Honestly; shed your

She looked at him and on the face of his stare, said – “Well, I think you’re a man with a great sense of marketing skills but with least sense of journalistic abilities; someone who knows how to sell his news without understanding what the news actually means.”

“Ha .. Ha … ha. You’re virtually boasting of my success.”
“A success people hate to look up to.”

“That’s the envy, young woman. People are jealous of my success. Mankind is
blessed with the wonderful ability to camouflage its jealousy and envy under a more
acceptable social emotion called hate. People express their hate through one of those
many saleable virtues called ethics, values and morality.”

Devanjali looked at him and listened silently, her side wisps waving slowly
in the morning breeze coming from across the Potomac river.

“The more they envy the more I prosper because I understand that at the root
of their jealousy lies the sense of their own inferiority…an inferiority that is born out of their inability to rise over their incompetence; they know well that they can’t
compete with me or stop my growth.”

“Well…” She asked, her head still slanted, “how does it matter what do I think of you?”

He smiled at her and took a long breath – “It matters; well, to be specific, I
want you to join my group and to work with me.”

Now, her head was straightened. She looked startled.

“I want you to join the ‘Newswire Group’ as Editor-in-Chief of a new TV news channel in English – ‘The Mirror News’, which I have been planning in India.”

Before she could open her mouth to say anything, he added – “Well, it’s my
pleasure to remind you that as per our management policy we pay the best in the
industry and better than the best someone like you could imagine for herself.”

For any journalist in her position, the offer was breathtaking.

“Why do you want me to join ‘The Mirror News’?”

“It’s because of the opposites we share.” He grinned – “Well, I think of you
exactly the opposite of what you think of me.”

She raised her brows.

“I think of you as a woman with great sense of journalistic abilities but with
little sense of marketing skills; someone who understands news better than many of
her colleagues twice her age, though, she might not be sure to sell it.”

“So, you want to make a team?”

“It makes a great journalistic sense, doesn’t it?”

“Say commercial sense, Mr. Thapar.”

“We can make it synonymous.”

Devanjali fell silent.

A man who symbolized many ills that the media was afflicted with, a man who
transgressed the inviolable codes of ethics, a man who violated each and every tenets
of journalism and a man who was anti-thesis of everything she had held to be sacred
and imperative in her profession was sitting in front of her asking her to team up.


Who was Vikram Thapar?

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