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Know the ‘Democrats’: SIDDHANTA SHARAN


Siddhanta Sharan had a very wanting childhood which had come to him as the tragic legacy of a faded aristocracy. Through the thick of his penurious childhood days in his village, he studied at his village school where everyone knew he was special. Meandering through the difficulties of his life he gets few helps which enables him to reach higher academic echelons and get many academic laurels on the way. Soon, recognition came and so did job offers worth millions of dollars in compensation. But, he was not to freak out on those money nor he wished to sit on his laurels for long; he was dreaming of a different and more meaningful future.

Wandering around with his inner turmoil, he lands into the Harvard Business School drawn by the rigours of a management programme. Just then, he hears of a bloody massacre happened in the neighboured of his village as fall-out of a long-standing struggle between private armies of the landed castes and the Maoists. He thinks of a solution and, quitting Harvard mid-way, he comes back to his village. Now, he had defined himself and his goals; it was the call of his destinity. He flew down from Harvard to his village – one of the most underdeveloped region in the hinterlands of Ganges – and rolls out his unique solution that he calls ‘Nano-socionomics’.

Within a span of three years, he turns the whole area into a hot-bed of development, growth and prosperity, thanks to his great postulates of ‘Nano-socionomics’ that visualized the socio-economic reconstruction of the villages through truly democratic means. To top it, by his unique skills, he manages to bridge the status differentiation of rural society and ensures total caste-equality in areas under his influence.

His unbelievable achievements make Maoism and caste wars fade into irrelevance. He is hailed in national-international media as the ‘Miracle Man’ and is honoured with many prestigious awards. The Maoists retaliate and abduct him but, with his profound intellectual capacity and with his great argumentative skills, Siddhanta managed an ideological coup in the Maoist camp leading not only to the annihilation of the Maoists’ top rank but also to the ideological defeat of the very philosophy of Maoism in India.

Now he focussed himself to a far bigger challenge – the reconstruction of Indian democracy and society. He was blessed to have the company of Aditya, the maverick educationist, who joined hands with him to open ‘The Ara Club’, the secret club. Aditya also brought Devanjali into the mission and soon they were working out a road map. But, Siddhanta was planning a movement full with wonderful ideas of change; he calls it a Post-Gandhian’ movement. Soon, the movement snowballed into a pan-Indian revolution. The waves of the revolution not only swept away the corrupt government of the day but went a long way into rejuvenating the tattered moral fabric of the nation.

The revolution has a beautiful culmination – the volunteers of the Ara Club are voted into power for implementing their great reforms. As the nation is through huge celebrations all across, Siddhanta Sharan was no where to be seen.

Where was Siddhanta at the time? What he was doing in a remote village alone? What does he tell Devanjali about that particular moment and about his conspicuous absence from the celebration? What was it that made Devanjali go speechless?

Sitting in her news room, she acknowledged that in his moral and intellectual endowments, Siddhanta Sharan was still several notches above the rest of them.

He was SIDDHANTA SHARANA – a profound, subtle, enigmatic and discerning character whose ideological complexities and behavioural simplicity would blow you off your feet…

Keep following the post for further exerpts from  upcoming fiction, ‘DEMOCRACY 2.0.’


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2 thoughts on “Know the ‘Democrats’: SIDDHANTA SHARAN

  1. Mrityunjay on said:

    I am getting excited to go through your book. It seems like a ‘Thought roaring’… Let me squeeze out time for an interesting reading.

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