Smell of Change…

Know The ‘Democrats’: ADITYA SRIVASTAVA


Meet ADITYA SRIVASTAVA, one of the two male protagonists who play the centre role in the story.

Aditya Srivastava, born and brought up in a traditional family at a north-Indian small town, lives his childhood amidst a rich and culturally fulfilling family atmosphere, full with siblings and caring individuals. Fed on the romantic notions of the civil services since his childhood, IAS happens to be his natural, and family-inspired, choice.

As he grows up, he is sent to Delhi University to prepare for the civil services examination where he soon becomes a popular name in the students circle. However, what he didn’t know was that by choosing the path of Civil Services, he had chosen a path of self-destruction till he meets with Devanjali, a girl from St Stephens, whose perspicacity at her age was a matter of folklores. Through her powerful analysis, she tries to convince him that IAS is not the solution; rather, it is a part of the problem. Very naturally, it clashed with Aditya’s small-town romanticism about the civil service. Aditya is in a fix. Yet, he goes ahead with his Mission-IAS. But, he’s overawed by the charm and intellectual prowess of Devanjali and falls secretly in love with her.

Eventually, Aditya is selected in IAS as the all-India topper, but before he could think of joining it, he gets a crude personal experience which jolts him out of his romanticism.

Now, that he has perceived the reality, he conceives a plan – a secret plan, to destroy this reality. He just needed few good men to execute his secret mission. He works out his strategies of a systemic change and prepares a detailed roadmap in his secret ARA CLUB that he sets up with his another maveric mate, Siddhanta. On the surface, he establishes himself in the society as a super-successful entrepreneur who is hailed as the ‘Education Baron of India’ and, more interestingly, the ‘Success Guru’.

However, before he could realize his secret mission, he gets drawn into a great socio-political crisis of the day – ‘Reservation’. After leading a student’s movement, he gets into the bottom of the problem and with his in-depth analysis he comes up with a novel solution that creates positive stir in society. He implements his solution through his secret network and the results are revolutionary. He becomes a hero and earns tremendous media support.

The politics of the day is mired by scams, scandals and controversies of unprecedented level. The govt of the day is bogged down by trust-deficit. Political scandals and sting operations are the order of the day. This backdrop gives Aditya and his team a right setting to bring forth their political agenda and they come up with their unique political and electoral reform proposals. People, fed up with scandals and let down by the existing political formations, give Aditya and his team a huge thumbs up.

The elections are round the corner. Aditya’s team is riding the wave of huge mass support. But, what will happen? Will the govt of the day keep quite? Well, they let the man corner the people’s goodwill or will they press the govt machinery to defame the man and to send him in political wilderness?

What role Devanjali gets to play in the drama? Can she do anything to save the man from incarceration and conspiracies? Can she let ‘Her Man’ sink to the quagmire of dirty politics? On top of it, can she get to say her passionate love for the man who she had once created as ‘the leader’?

The ‘DEMOCRACY 2.0′ will tell it all…



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