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DEVANJALI: You may not have ever come across a character like her

Meet DEVANJALI, the female lead of my upcoming novel, “DEMOCRACY 2.0”. She’s a kind of a character that you might not have come across ever in your life – whether in literature, cinema or television.

There are few men and women on this planet who lead their lives with a mission. They carry a dream and display singular commitment to implement that dream in its totality. That commitment gives them a character that makes them special. Devanjali is one such special character.

But, what makes Devanjali special is her integrity. She’s uncompromising on a cause which she believes in and even the biggest of temptations can’t sway her – not even the might of the powerful Vikram Thapar, the biggest Moughal of the Indian media industry, who happens to be her employer.

Coming from an aristocratic lineage, she had a luxurious but melancholic childhood. With circumstances, she acquires her own ideas of life which makes her independent but headstrong. Even her IAS father, who happens to be one of the most powerful bureaucrats of his time, fails to convince her of his own importance in the system. Through her gifted power of discernment, she had understood the real character of the modern bureaucracy and the ills it had imported into the system. She was determined to stay away from it and hence, to the utter dismay of her father, she chooses journalism as her career and through it, she vows to create powerful leaders in society. She nurtures her own secret missions in life and needs few persons of character to execute her mission.

After studying journalism from USA, she comes back to India nurturing her two-fold mission: first, to create and promote real leaders in society and second, to cleanse the Indian media industry of its dirt and muck. She joins the biggest and the most controversial media house of India, the Newswire Ltd. To many in the industry the news happens to be scandalous. Then, nobody knew that it was a part of her long-term secret plan.

But, to her jubilation, Devanjali soon finds that the mission for reconstruction of the Indian democracy and society had already begun by few men with exceptional characters and that she she had already been made a part of it. The heroes of her dreams had taken lives.

With the mission of reconstruction of Indian politics and society well under way, Devanjali directs her focus on Vikram Thapar and on the affairs of the ‘Newswire Ltd’. Soon, she discovers an intricate network of dirty interests ensnaring the system where politicians, business houses, opinion leaders and lobbyists had held the political-bureaucratic system of India to a ransom. She finds that Vikram Thapar and his media house had its own intelligent role to play in the game. Now, her task was cut out; she would destroy the man and the ills he’d infused in the system. With her persistence and strong-headed approach, she exposes the nexus and, before she could fight Vikram Thapar legally, the man found a safer and a far more respectable escape route out of his desperate situation – suicide; he kills himself which symbolizes the cleansing act of all dirty influences in media. Her giant act sends a powerful message to the media fraternity that when it comes to fighting corruption in its own backyard, the media houses can’t keep their heads buried in sand.

Now, that her personal mission is fulfilled, will Devanjali get the opportunity to express her love for the man, who she had once created and who comes out to be the real hero of the great movement for the reconstruction of democratic India?

“DEMOCRACY 2.0” would tell you all.

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